As real leather is an organic material, it varies in softness.

Some leather sides are "Stiffer" than others and may require a simple technique to improve the fit to your face.

This is of particular importance to style NL-9 due to the shape of the frame with higher temples.

If you find the leather sides touch your face and it is uncomfortable, or you would like to improve the "vintage look" of your Northern Lights Sunglasses, please view the attached video clip and photos showing how to "Dent" your leather sides:

  1. "Dent" the leather inward
  2. "Scrunch" the leather toward the frame.
  3. Relax the leather to sit naturally.

This widens the fit to the face, pointing the edges of the side away toward the temples.

This "Dented" look is common among vintage glacier glasses which inspired the collection. Like a new leather jacket, the sides need to be worked in.